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Beauty Monster Plasma Pen Devie

Beauty Monster Black- MEDISELOR ORIGINAL

Non-surgical blepharoplasty device

Beauty Monster

3150 AED


Beauty Monster BLACK replaces the complicated laser equipment so that anyone can easily use the device.
It is technically upgraded Beauty device from the previous model, Beauty Monster (White).
This is a Micro Beauty device of the 21st century, creasted by Dr. Beaumon, specialist who have been studying the technology of the device for 25 years. Also, there were made many testes and precedures.

MONSTER – The device generates a plasma beam at the tip of the nozzle, which affects micro-areas of the skin.
Unlike conventional plasma devices designed only for sterilization and absorption, this beauty machine kills piaquine (acne bacteria), accelerates the production of collagen and protein, and has an anti-aging effect.

Beauty Monster Black is a plasma type equipment that vaporizes the skin by using arc discharge without touching the skin. Anyone that has read the manual can use this device with ease.
Mesotherapy Machine


Description:- When applied with delicate surgical hand piece, it creates a combustion effect on the skin surface by causing small plasma sparks on the cellular tissue, maximizing the effect and minimizing side effects.
Effects:- It can be utilized on skin troubles such as acne, scar, skin facial treatment, upper/lower eyelid surgery, eyebrow lifting, etc.
Plasam therapy machine


Description:- When applied with delicate surgical hand piece, it stimulates the skin by causing combustion effect on the skin surface without effecting the cellular tissue. It can be utilized on skin troubles such as acne, scar, skin facial treatment, upper/lower eyelid surgery, eyebrow lifting, etc.

Effects:- It also delivers the solution deep inside the skin through small formed invisible holes.
Plasam therapy machine


Description:- When applied with delicate surgical hand piece, it delivers heat deep inside the skin without pain, accelerating skin regeneration using micro-currents, which has 3 wavelengths. It can be used to treat fine wrinkle, lifting, pore, etc.
TDDS Effect: The micro-current’s specialized wavelength Has an excellent effect in delivering the solution deep inside the skin.
Microneedling machine
Plasma theorapy machine

Features of the model:

    • improved power and frequency of exposure
    • the principle of operation is simplified, the parameters are regulated in 4 levels
    • phases of use are clearly distributed in accordance with the purpose
    • safe to use, equipped with Safe Power System and fail-safe program
    • has 3 options for attachments that give different effects: plasma, lifting, wrinkle removal, skin cleansing, pore narrowing and others, working parts made of surgical steel (sus316).
  • More clearly distinguishes power and vibration
  • Simpler use is possible by lowering the level
  • Improved mark on the body
  • Better grip and durability
  • Improved tip shape
  • Precise treatment just for lesion
  • Areas without outlets
  • Areas that have unstable voltage
  • Wider range of power
  • More delicate procedure
  • More powerful procedure
Beauty Monster
Microneedling machine

Higher power and stable wavelength
DC 24V 1A delivers higher power and stable wavelengths than previous models

Harmless SUS 316 Tips
SUS 316 is a harmless safe metal that has been recognized worldwide

4 Device level
Unlike it’s previous 16 level model, BMB has been simplified to 4 Frequency and 4 Power level.

Double safety device
Double safety device prevents overheating making the treatment safe

SF seal coating
With a SF seal coating makes the touch soft and relieves hand fatigue

Low Pressure
Micro current Beauty Device

It is a micro-current device with various indications using a wide range of different tips

Low and wide directional, safe

Beauty Monster Black’s plasma is low and wide-directional, making it easy for beginners to perform beauty treatments safely.
Massive, bulky equipment used only in dermatological clinics are oriented in a straight line and requires professional treatment.

Thermal Beauty Equipment + Fraxel Equipment = Beauty Monster Black

Beauty Monster Black is the ultra-small device that anyone can use anytime and anywhere for beauty treatments with the same advantages as two large and bulky equipment used only in dermatology clinics
Microneedling machine

Can be used for many skin troubles like the spots on the skin surface.

  • 1. Spot Removal Skin hairdressing department: verruca vulgaris senile warts, flat wart, contagious soft wart, verrucous nevus, and sebaceous nevus, granuloma, millet papules, eyelid xanthoma, leather fat, all kinds of pigmented nevus, corns and callus, and go freckles etc. New beauty monster plasma pen eye lift plasma eyelid pen wrinkle removal plasma pen new beauty monster Plasma Pen eye lift plasma eyelid pen wrinkle removal plasma pen
  • 2. Skin Lifting Needles close the skin fire become smaller, point to point leave some space for heat dissipation. Needles do not have to touh skin. Could use for eyelid surgery, skin lifting and scars remove etc.
  • 3. Moles Before dot mole treatment, distinguish the mole situation at depth, suggestion at burning treatment at the method of small square movement, with maney time to cover the piecde of the mole surface. It is better to smear the nourishing cream before 2-3 days before skin rehabilitation, avoiding the skin doke.
  • 4. Granulation Removal Put the needle scanning slightly at the granulation, burning the granulation by laser electric needle to dead, the granulation will fall of in one week./ One time treatment is effective for small granulation, if not please several treatment is needed for partly removal, helping the good recovery of the skin
  • 5. Tattoo Removal Large needle is appropriate to the tattoo removal treatment, as its large area. It will be sa,e treating method as spot treatment, but it will be a long time.
    Product Advantage
  • Remove completely: instantly get rid of skin neoplasma and strong antiseptic
  • No bleeding, with the function of blood clotting
  • Wound easy to recover
  • No scar left
  • Ease use: it can work for about 2-3 hours after 1 time charge
  • Economical and practical : it is cheap and needle can reuse.
  • Easy to take
  • Eye Wrinkles :: Massage as if you are pulling from below the eye area to the eye tail area.
  • Cheeks : Massage pulling from the lip to the cheeks. Massage in a circular motion around the cheekboes.
  • Forhead: Pull the forehead from the bottom up circular motion massage around the troubled area.
  • Neck, Chin : Pull the neck from bottom to the top massage the chin along the chine line as if you are pulling
  • Tag : Remove skin tag

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