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Beauty Secret International is distributor for LeChat Nail Care Products, Biotouch Permanent Makeup Products, Iolite Eyelashes Products, Brunson Nail Drill Machine, We supply stores both domestic and internationally.

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Swiss Color Collection

A world class lineup of pigments for your every need. Richest colors in all shades and for all aspects of Permanent Make up treatments.
State-of-the-art technology meets timeless design: Swiss Color® PMU devices and our line of hygiene cartridges.
Microblading provides stunning results when you’re using the right tools. Get to know our high-quality product range of colors, pens and blades.
Based on lactic acid, our products SC colorX and SC colorLight allow for removal or brightening of unpleasant Microblading and Permanent Make up results.
Derma SR - Innovative Cosmeceuticals
Our newest product line at Swiss Color® offers stunning results for regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. We offer an extensive line of products and optional tools for even better results.

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