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  • Fee : was5040AED Now2520 AED
  • Duration : 3 Days
  • Timings : 11am to 7pm
  • Complimentary : SPMU Starter Kit
  • Certificates : International Certificate from USA upon Completion of Course.

KHDA Dubai Government Approved Training Academy

Become a Semi Permanent Makeup Course expert at BSI Cosmetics training center in Dubai, UAE. During our semi permanent make up course, we cover everything you need to know.

In addition to learning Semi Permanent Makep Course and becoming a great specialist in SPMU, we also teach business solutions to ensure amazing success.

Course Included Semi Permanent Makeup Starter Kit & International certificate from USA upon completion of course.


      • Color Theory
      • Micro pigmentation usage
      • Choosing colors for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner
      • Skin tone interpretation
      • Written color theory test
      • Sanitation and sterilization
      • Written sanitation & sterilization test
      • Eye Liner
      • How to avoid smears and smudges
      • Achieving good
      • symmetry and density
      • Learn how to control pain
  • Lip Liner
  • Lip color retention
  • Application of topical anesthetics
  • Applying colors to enlarge or minimize lip size
  • Eyebrow
  • Learn artistic techniques (use of brow ruler)
  • Shaping, filling and coloring of eyebrows
  • Homework practice on paper and skin sheet
  • Use of Permanent Makeup Machine
  • Machine assembly for correct operation
  • Comprehensive needle use and application
  • Identification of parts
  • Machine positioning and skin support
  • Lab Practice & Performance
  • Hands-on with life-like mannequins
  • How to correct possible mistakes
  • Effective pan control system
  • Learn how to give an effective consultation


SPMU Academy
Start your Semi Permanent Makeup career and learn how to multiply your income doing something you love
Offering a complete Semi Permanent Makeup Course Training  that covers every aspect. Get an Institute Training Certificate upon completion of the course. SPMU course includes Semi Permanent starter kit. In addition to semi-permanent makeup, microblading, paramedical treatment and nails and lashes courses. We provide high-quality training programs. Both new and experienced stylists receive theoretical and practical training from international trainers.
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Semi Permanent Makeup starter kit Sponsored by Biotouch
Semi Permanent Makeup Classes


    This class is perfect for beginners and artists looking to expand their skill set and offer more services to their clients.


    Our elite instructors will teach you the proper technique on how to tint lips and avoid the many mistakes that beginners make.


    Learn the correct way to provide semi-permanent eyeliner that will last. This service is a great up-sell for your clients.
    A Semi-permanent makeup treatment is one in which with the help of tiny through needles, pigments are injected into the upper layers of the skin, which makes the skin Semi-permanently pigmented. This procedure is similar to a biotattoo treatment, where colors are deposited under the skin, and it can be used to hide imperfections or highlight features. The results of one to three years are visible with Semi-permanent makeup. When the color fades, pigmentation can be repeated. Before applying Semi-permanent makeup, a local anesthetic is used: a cream, gel or spray that lasts ten minutes up to an hour. The treatment can be uncomfortable, but thanks to anesthetics it is bearable. The pain of the procedure is comparable to hair removal by tweezers or cold wax. Semi-permanent makeup is intended for those who want to cover up imperfections on their face (thinning eyebrows, undefined lips, thin eyelashes…) or to highlight some particular part, as well as persons who do not have enough time for regular makeup application. Additionally, people who need to look good at any time, do not want to have problems with smeared makeup, as well as sports people or older people who have shaky hands, and those who are allergic to regular makeup.

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